Rescuing and rehoming rats in Lincolnshire

Lincoln Rat Rescue

Starting up our new page of successfully rehomed ratties is lovely Largo...

And here we have beautiful Twinkle, now renamed Mirana :)

All of these wonderful babies have now found new homes!

These gorgeous little ladies found a wonderful home with a castrated buck! Aren't they sweet?

We are pleased to announce that the naked baby girls and their furry sister have found new homes!

Below is a picture of Trillion, who went to live with lots of new chums!

Here is Pru, with her boyfriend, Leo. Awwwwww!

Here we have 2 lovely boys who were adopted by Helen, Nuno and Yngwie. Below is a picture of Hoggle, previously known as Mr Mouse.

   This little one has found his forever home, along with some chums from the same litter!

  All of these babies now have homes!

  Beautiful Rosa, now happily living with some other girls
Another of the lovely baby girlies!

These 4 girls have a home together <3

This trio of lads have an amazing home now, they don't like having their photo taken!

These gorgeous little boys have now gone off to their forever home!

Robbie & Titch
This lad went off to his forever home with his friends! Joey - now happily living with girlies after having his bits chopped off!
Husky went off to live with some more girls, and her daughter, baby Judy. Baby Judy All of these boys found homes!

Brenda's babies - all of which have found homes!
Here is Del, homes with other girls!
Baby Woody, adopted by Sue, lives with other boys!
Malitza Allegra