Rescuing and rehoming rats in Lincolnshire

Lincoln Rat Rescue

John, Paul, George and Ringo have all now found a fabulous new home where they are being very spoiled! Here are some pics of the boys:
George and Paul
Little Ringo

Scrappy and Tom now have a happy life with Susan and her family. Here is a pic of the lads!
 Scrappy and Tom doing what they do best - looking cute!!

The 'shed rats' came to us at Christmas '08. They were kept in horrific conditions, and most of them had never been handled. With the help of our good friend Sarah, we managed to rehome these lovely ratties, who all now have fabulous homes. Here are some pics of a few that Sarah fostered for us:

Here we have Gillies and Jono, now living a fabulous life with Rachel:

These young boys have now all got fantastic new homes!!          
Here we have little Truffle and Arabella - now living with Claire and Martin and some other ratty friends!

All of this lovely little litter are now in wonderful homes, do check back soon for updated pics!!

Here are pics of Luther and Arkwright, who now have the most amazing home with Liz :

Beautiful Luther
little cheeky Arkwright!!

Caramel, Dora and Little Tyke now have the most loving home with Leslie and Sam, here are some pics of the little ladies:
Caramel Dora

This is little Simba, now renamed Leo, who has been adopted by Valerie:

Peanut has gone to her new home with Liz and family!! Check back soon for updated pics of Peanut!

Scooby and James have gone to live with Lyn, another success story for Lincoln Rat Rescue!!

Cliff and Lars have now gone to live with the lovely Kate! Check back soon for updated pics of these little rascals!!

Pippa and Mandy have now gone to a very loving home with Naomi and are living a very happy life!!!

And here's a more recent picture of Luther and Arkwrite, who live with Liz...

..Along with Domino, formally known as Peanut.