Rescuing and rehoming rats in Lincolnshire

Lincoln Rat Rescue

Nessa, on the left, who now lives with Kate and some new ratty chums!!

Milly, on the top of the ratty pile!!

peekaboo Cocoa!! Cocoa, along with Milly & Nessa, was adopted by Kate. They were part of the 'shed rescue' from January '09, where a large amount of beautiful rats were rescued from horrific living conditions. Most of them were nervous and malnourished, and had been living in filth for months.

  Here is Kilo and Half Ounce, now renamed Turkish and Digby, these old fatties now have a fab home with Rebecca and some new ratty pals.

Nora and her 2 daughters, Nelly and Daisy, Sophie, Milly and Tilly have now found a fabulous home in Nottingham with Faye and her ratty clan. Here are some pics of the ladies in their new home:
 Nelly   Nora
 Sophie  Sophie and Milly

 Meet Howlin' Mad Murdoch - Murdoch came to us after he had most of his tail bitten off by his previous owner's dog. We had him castrated and he now lives a very happy life with some new cagemates.

Little chubby Roddy has also found a loving new home with Sylvia and her clan! Here is a picture of lovely Roddy:

Bertie was one of the 'car babies' that came into LRR just after Christmas '08. He had been thrown from a car window along with his brothers. Bertie was castrated and now has a fabulous life living with Kate in York, and some ratty girlfriends!!!
 Bertie and his girlfriends!!