Rescuing and rehoming rats in Lincolnshire

Lincoln Rat Rescue

Babe, Suzy Q, Choccy Button, Tatty Bear, Tinkerbell and their 2 other friends have now been adopted by Elisa and are living a happy life in Dorset!!!

The 4 big lads!!! - The 4 lads have now been renamed Valentine, Cassanova, Romeo and Cupid, and have a fab home with Chelly and her crew:

Valentine exploring!!     Romeo

Casanova in his sputnik - how cute!!!  little Cupid

Gracie & Issy - these 2 old girls have found a lovely home back in Leicester with Nico - check back soon for updated pics of the ladies!!!

Summer & Star - these 2 little stunners have gone to live with Tina in Horncastle - check back soon for updated pics!!!

Pepsi has now had his bits chopped off and has gone to live with some girls! Happy times ahead for the little guy :D

Chad, now renamed Jake, also has been castrated and has found a smashing home with Mary and her girls - check back soon for pics!!

Marcus & Jack were 2 lovely boys  that came to us when their previous owner could no longer care for them. They now have a fantastic new home with Rebecca - check back soon for updated pics of the boys!!

Splat and her daughters, Rocky & Janie have now got a wonderful new forever home! Here are some pics of the girls :
Splat         Rocky                 Janie

Perdy, now called Saki, has been lucky enough to find a new home with some rattie friends. Here is a picture of Saki :

Angus & Hamish are 2 brothers that came in together. They now have a fab new home with Susan. Here are some pictures of the boys :

  Angus        Hamish

Meet Fru Fru and her sister Pom Pom! These adorable little scamps now have the most wonderful home with Jill.

  Fru Fru                                Pom Pom

Dini and Star - have a lovely new home now!!

Dini                              Star