Rescuing and rehoming rats in Lincolnshire

Lincoln Rat Rescue

Animals Rehomed                                      

Beefy & Lamby - now called Kevin and Colin, these two boys have found a lovely home with Sharon, who is giving them all the love and care they need. Check back soon for updated pics of the boys!!!


Lily - update: Lily has now been adopted by Katie. Katie has lots of time for this old girl, and will be much loved in her new home. 





Beth, Leia and Sarah - 6 week old babies, have now been adopted by Maggie and are happily settled. This is Beth


Kiwi and Cherry - 6 week old babies from the same litter have been adopted by Elizabeth, and have a lovely new home in Nottingham with other ratties to play with! Here is a picture of them with some of their new chums:



Meg and Mog - more baby girls from the same litter, these two have now found a wonderful home with Sarah in Hull. Below are pictures of the girls:

  a blurry snapshot of Meg

  This is Mog


Pearl - Siamese sister of the above litter, now happily living with her new friend Nellie, here is a pic of Pearl and Nellie during intro time:



 Dave, Kevin, Albie, Oscar & Pippa - are going to be living with Hannah soon! Here are some pics of the boys:



                                           Dave                        Albie



Dini & Star - these 2 sisters have found a wonderful home with Alison and her family, below are pics of the girls:



 Billy - part of an unplanned litter, this little guy has gone to live with Sharon, Max, Kevin & Colin, where he now happily shares a cage with Max. Below is a pic of Billy:



Luna - part of an unplanned litter, she now has a fantastic home with Julie and her beautiful ratties! Here is a picture of Luna:



Princess and Crystal a lovely chap called Duncan has adopted these 2 beautiful sisters:


 Billy's brother - as yet unnamed, this little chap has been adopted by Sharon, due to the unfortunate loss of Max. Billy and his brother have now been reunited and are living happily with Sharon alongside Colin and Kevin. Below is a pic of the little baby:



 Bramble & his brother - these 2 cheeky monkeys have been adopted by Clare. Bramble is the chunky agouti boy, the hooded baby is as yet un-named. Below are pics of the boys:


                                     Brambles little brother!


 Freddy and MooMoo have gone to live with a lovely couple in Louth. They have both now been castrated and are doing very well in their new home, where they will be much loved pets. Here is a pic of the boys:

                          Freddy & MooMoo 


 Fuzzball & Ratatouille have been adopted by Karen and her lovely son Matt, I am sure they are having lots of fun together! Below are pics of the girls:



 Trevor, Wilf, Gizmo and Simon have all found a new home! Here are some pics of the lads:

  Trevor      Gizmo

    Simon     Wilf

Marjorie and Barbara have now found a lovely new home. Here are some pics of the girls:


Walter and William are now happily settled in with a fantastic, loving family. We will be getting some pics of the lads in their new home soon!!

Finn & Fidget, the 2 young girls, have found a lovely home with Ian, below are some pics of the girls:

                           Finn & Fidget                   

Beth, Leia, Jasmine and Sarah have been lucky enough to be adopted by Caroline! The girls have now been renamed Paige, Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Check out the latest pics of the girls below!

  Leia, Beth, Jas & Sarah

  The girls getting used to their new home!!

Eddie, Taz & Badger have been adopted by Kym, and are now happily settled in their new home. Below is a pic of Taz & Badger (I think Eddie was taking a nap when this photo was taken!)